Helen Hieble's Debut Novella

The Wizard of HerodenalTiler has left home because of his concern about his family’s not accepting his homosexuality. He is attacked by bandits. He is rescued by people from the Castle of Hirodenal. Tiler is taken to the castle which is ruled by the Wizard Liam. Tiler and Liam become close friends. Callum is the castle stable boy who is physically disabled. He believes he must be gay because all of the young women of the castle make fun of his disability. Tiler once he recovers designs a saddle so that Callum can learn to ride and fight and become a knight. Soon the castle is attacked by Ryppers, and all the knights of the castle go to fight them including Tiler, Callum, and the Wizard Liam. You will find many exciting things happen during this battle and afterwards, which change the lives of everyone.

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